Can Chiropractic Help for Headaches and Migraines?

Every once in awhile all of us will suffer a headache of some description, knowing it’ll pass in an hour or so. However, many people suffer headaches and migraines that are much more severe. Headaches that arise from the neck and migraines can be linked to tension in the body and problems in the neck, meaning chiropractic may be the solution. This is something we often see at Aceso Family Chiropractic in Buckingham.

What are the Different Types of Headaches and Migraines?

Not all headaches are the same and there are actually many different types, all of which are caused by different things. Knowing what type of headache or migraine you are suffering from is important when it comes to finding a treatment that works, as different techniques will work best for each.

Cervicogenic Headaches - These headaches are caused by a problem with the upper part of the neck. Sufferers will often feel pain from the back of their head, over the top and behind their eyes. It is often described as being a tight or crushing feeling, rather than the throbbing feeling we are used to in minor, more common headaches.

Tension Headaches - Surprisingly, tension in the body can cause headaches. Tension in the shoulders, such as that caused by stress, can actually cause a headache.

Migraines - Migraines are caused by blood vessels in the brain contracting and expanding, which makes them different to headaches. They can cause blurred vision, nausea and sickness as well as a great deal of pain. Migraines are a lot more severe than other headaches and they can be extremely stressful for the sufferer. These are often caused by stress and tiredness, but others report food and other elements are triggers.

Treating Headaches and Migraines

There are techniques sufferers can try at home in order to reduce the number of migraines and headaches they suffer as well as helping to ease pain. These include:

  • Drinking at least two liters of water every day; dehydration is a very common cause headaches, which get overlooked.
  • Stretching out the upper back and neck area can help to reduce any pressure or pain that builds up, which can prevent headaches.
  • Poor posture is a common causes of neck and back pain. As headaches can arise from the neck, reducing slouching and twisting in this area is beneficial.
  • Reducing the amount of painkillers you are taking. Often headache suffers end up reaching for more and more painkillers to resolve their headaches. This can actually make things worse by causing rebound-headaches, which is essentially a withdrawal headache felt as the painkiller wears off prompting you to take more medication; and the cycle goes on.

As well as the hands on care, looking into nutrition and supplementation may be a useful adjunct to your care.

To find out if chiropractic is the solution to your headaches and migraines, contact Aceso Family Chiropractic in Buckingham.