Do You Suffer With Elbow Pain?

When we think of chiropractors and muscle and joint pain, we rarely think of elbow pain. However, thousands of people find themselves suffering with elbow pain on a daily basis.

It can be difficult to go about daily life with chronic elbow pain and severe pain can make even the simplest of tasks a challenge. Whether you’re typing, brushing your teeth, doing the weekly shop or hammering a nail, you use your elbow. In fact, doing anything without moving your elbow can be a challenge, a challenge that those with elbow pain face every day. However, if you suffer with elbow pain there are techniques to help.

Types of Elbow Pain

 Most people will have heard of ‘tennis elbow’, though it isn’t just those that play tennis that can get it. The type of elbow pain felt in ‘tennis elbow’ is caused by the repetitive use of your wrist extensors and can be caused by a number of different repetitive movements, such as typing. This motion causes exertion on the tendon that connects to the outside of the elbow, causing pain. A similar form of elbow pain on the inside of the elbow is known as ‘golfer's elbow’ though anyone can suffer this too.

Problems in the neck and upper back can also manifest as elbow pain and this is especially common in patients who are suffering pain in both elbows; the cause is often a central area. Shoulder problems can also show as elbow pain and experts will also examine the wrist to see if any nerve damage, muscle damage or restrictions are causing problems in the forearm.

Elbow pain can be extremely painful and those that suffer with it can find themselves with weakness in the arm.

Treating Elbow Pain

There are a few different ways to treat elbow pain and the most popular is to seek the help of a trained chiropractor, such as those at Aceso Family Chiropractic in Buckingham. But, for those that wish to try and reduce the pain at home, there are a few different things that you can try:

  • Massage the forearm muscles.
  • Reduce any pain and swelling using an ice pack on the area for 10-15 minutes a few times per day.
  • Add turmeric and ginger into your diet; both work as anti-inflammatories.

Chiropractors have the experience, knowledge and training to treat elbow pain and suggest the best stretches and movements to alleviate pain and minimise lasting damage, as well as getting to the bottom of what is causing it. All of this works together to heal the area.

For more information on elbow pain and reducing the pain using chiropractic techniques, contact Aceso Family Chiropractic in Buckingham to find out more.