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Our Prices

Initial Consultation (Chiropractic): £47

Ongoing Chiropractic treatment: 
Adult and Paediatric (Age 0 - 6): £37
Kids (Age 6 - 18): £20

Re-assessment: £47
(If you are an existing member of the practice, but have not been to the clinic for 1 year or more)

Sports & Rehabilitation Therapy Consulation (If you are new to the clinic): £45

Sports & Rehabilitation Therapy Session: £35

Sports & Rehabilitation Therapy Session (Extended): £45

We accept card and cash payments only. 

* Aceso Family Chiropractic is also registered with most insurance companies, please contact us for more details.


Pregnancy Wellness Check

Research shows chiropractic is a safe and effective healthcare choice for alleviating pregnancy related back & pelvic pain. If you are struggling with pain or if you would like to learn more about helping your body cope with the stresses of pregnancy, take advantage of our free pregnancy wellness check.

Children’s Posture Check

An increasing number of children are developing unhealthy changes in the curves of their spines resulting in neck problems ('text neck'), headaches and other associated symptoms. We offer free spinal and joint check to children to help teach them how they can better care for their posture and their spine.


Spine & Joint Health Check

This is the perfect opportunity to discuss any aches and pains that may be concerning you. From there we can determine whether chiropractic treatment is appropriate or if you a require a referral to another healthcare professional.

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